Consulting Services

When you need surgery, you go to a surgeon, you don’t do it yourself. You visit a surgeon because you trust his expertise. You know he will do whatever it takes to save your life. By taking advantage of a professional’s skill and experience, you avoid risks. On the same plane, the software applications you create are a source of income and livelihood. Therefore, you and your company’s reputation depend on them and how well they work.

At Quassure, we make sure that your reputation is never compromised due to errors and faulty systems. When you consult a professional, you get all the information you need to improve the growth and posture of your business.

Our team of software strategy and testing consultants is made up of exceptional individuals who have experience working with the latest technologies. They continually keep abreast of all technological advances in order to provide relevant, timely and useful advice. We have technical and functional consultants in various domains, which gives us a competitive advantage over other software consulting firms.

Creating Software Strategies for Customer Success

Our consultants are trained to provide useful and relevant information in the form of new strategies and software enhancements. When you talk to one of them, you’ll get all the information you need to create achievable goals and make changes to your existing software.

Strategy formulation: To test your system properly, you need to formulate a test strategy. A test strategy is a formal description of how a particular software product or project will be tested. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry. Quassure’s expert consultants can do it for you.

Our consulting team analyzes your project requirements and formulates a test strategy accordingly. We then review it with your project team and finalize the strategy to fit your needs.

Process improvement: We collaborate with your customers to help them reflect on and improve their software testing process. Consulting of this nature results in earlier detection of bugs, which reduces unnecessary costs and increases productivity.

Ultimately, we evaluate the entire process and then provide a comprehensive plan to improve the quality of your testing process. Because every company has different objectives, we offer customized process improvement packages designed to meet your specific quality objectives.

For more details on how our consultants can improve your software and IT systems, contact us today.