As a company with a strong focus on software quality improvement and a vast experience in banking systems, Quassure has found in UyGroup an ideal partner.

UyGroup is in the service industry and specializes in consulting and technology solutions focused on the financial market for more than 15 years. It was established as a software company dedicated especially to the support, implementation and development of banking systems.


Seeking to expand horizons with the aim of bringing our knowledge in the field and contribute to society our years of work experience, Quassure has found in AL Capacitación an ideal partner.

AL Capacitación is an Educational Institution that offers training, courses and workshops in different areas, in in-company, b-learning and e-learning modalities. It has a team of professional and technical teachers and tutors. It is an institution with an agreement to provide training throughout the country with INEFOP, CCE (Business Competitiveness Centers) and INACOOP.