Every system has a backend design that monitors and optimizes its performance. It’s what allows your software and IT systems to run smoothly, consistently and efficiently. This so-called backend design is incredibly complex, even more complex than the software it directly interacts with. The smallest change in the backend system can cause quite a major malfunction.

Because test automation is complex, it requires an in-depth analysis of the entire system. In addition, it is necessary to know that not all systems can be automated. Attempting to implement test automation where it cannot be implemented results in wasted time and money, and definitely causes a lot of frustration. At Quassure, our automation testing experts understand this.

We know when to automate and how much to automate.

Reduce testing time, automate it!

Unlike other software testing companies, our automation experts first analyze the application to see if it can be automated or not. If we find that it is feasible to do so, we decide to what extent. Only after this analysis do we automate a system.

We have worked with many of the test automation tools on the market. And, we are aware of both their advantages and disadvantages as well as their capabilities and limitations. In that sense, our skills are superior to those of our competitors because we know the interfaces of the most popular test automation tools, but we are never limited to specific tools. Our goal is to provide you with the test automation framework specific to your project.

To analyze your system and determine the feasibility of test automation, contact us today.