Quassure is a Quality Assurance and Software Testing company, based in Uruguay, that improves information systems by detecting failures and improving processes. Whether you are looking for peace of mind or to eliminate an existing threat, our dedicated team at Quassure has the experience and skills to help improve and maintain software quality.

Built from the ground up by two fellow QA professionals, our company is a product of our team’s passion and dedication to producing reliable software. Not only do we enjoy the process of testing and improving systems, but we also appreciate the final product and how it benefits our client and end user. Simply put, we believe that today’s world is a better place with smart, foolproof software.

Uruguayan Excellence, Worldwide Delivery

Quassure is based in Montevideo, Uruguay, but offers its services to people and organizations all over the world. The reason Uruguay is the base of operations for our business is because of the many benefits it offers us and our clients. Uruguay is not only a country of beautiful sunsets, but it is also home to some of the most promising IT companies in the world.

A large percentage of the country’s total annual output represents software products, and the government makes it easy for IT companies – like ours – to make those products and services profitable. In addition, the country is located in a time zone that makes communication convenient for many of our U.S. and European customers.

The reason we decided to offer our services to both local and international clients is simple. We believe that exceptional quality assurance services are a universal need and that we can meet those needs for everyone, at an affordable price.

Our company is guaranteed

Before a company can offer software testing and QA services, the quality of the company must be assured. To improve the quality of our company and our clients’ software, we ensure that every member of the Quassure team exercises testing skills, domain knowledge and technical expertise. We believe these are three key traits that all software testers should have and we commit to this belief on a daily basis.

In addition to having the necessary software testing skills and experience, we also have a deep understanding of different domains and how they relate to our services. The experience gained from working with clients in the financial, healthcare and telecommunications industries has given us the ability to work with our clients in a more functional and efficient way. When contacting us, feel free to inquire about other industries in which we have domain expertise.

Destined for success

There is not a single person at Quassure – and possibly in all of Uruguay! – who doesn’t believe that ensuring quality systems are a vital component of business success. In this information age, people like you rely on technology systems to keep their businesses afloat. Whether it’s mobile software, desktop, web, or databases that digitally house your company’s important information, they all require testing to ensure your company’s well-being.

With our unique and cost-effective services, our mission is to boost your business and protect it against avoidable obstacles.

We’ll pave a clear path for your success with our software quality assurance and testing services. If software and other information systems contribute to the success of your business, contact us today and our mission will be to ensure that success.