At Quassure, we adopt a customer-oriented policy. First and foremost, we focus on you and your needs, and provide you with exceptional quality assurance and software testing services. These services are the result of the skills we have acquired over the years and our passion for information technology.

The services offered by Quassure are available to professionals and companies all over the world. We appreciate the fact that reliable technological systems are necessary for successful business. To provide our clients with the best possible solutions, we employ an approach based on three principles:

  • End-user focus: We ensure that end-users get full satisfaction and delight in using quality, defect-free software by providing quality assurance and software testing services.
  • Customer focus: We offer world-class QA and software testing services that improve your clients’ product/service, minimize risk, improve market position, reduce costs, and extend favorable results to all stakeholders.
  • Focus on service: We provide the best quality software solutions.

As we partner with our business customers and execute our work, we are guided by these important questions:

  • Who depends on our client’s software?
  • What does our client’s software mean to various stakeholders?
  • How are people’s lives affected by our customer’s software?
  • What does quality mean in terms of customer, software, and end user?

Overall, Quassure’s mission is to make your customer’s software bug-free and reliable so that it can be used to satisfy end users and increase customer success.


We envision an intelligent digital world of high-quality software products that deliver satisfaction and value to users, and success to their creators.

Quassure will position itself as:

  • The leading reference company in Quality Assurance and Software Testing in Uruguay.
  • A Top 100 provider of QA and ST services worldwide.